• Provides a salary that will increase

  • Gives you more opportunities to grow

  • Offers a wide-ranging network of contacts

  • Tests your ability to think and learn

  • Challenges your skills

  • Opens doors to many opportunities

  • Offers industry-recognized comprehensive education and training

  • Offers insurance, pension and industry-assisted training

  • Offers opportunities for travel

  • Provides many opportunities to contribute to the industry and to your community

  • ​Provides many opportunities for a second career in the industry

  • Provides a salary that might increase

  • Limits your area of responsibility

  • Generally limits your business contacts

  • Provides few challenges


  • Can often be boring

  • Limits your opportunities


  • Generally offers only basic training

  • Usually has limited benefits

  • Keeps you in one place

  • Provides few opportunities to contribute


  • ​Gives you few or no retirement options

you choose

    A Job                                                OR           A CAREER in Sheet Metal

A Job or a Career?

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