Sheet Metal Institute

Note: We accept ONLY “AccuPlacer” or “Compass” placement test(s) as part of our minimum requirements!

 The “Placement Test Locations” sheet in  the application packet is a reference only, make sure you contact your local community college to ensure they administer either the AccuPlacer or Compass test, most colleges are no longer administering the Compass test, it has been replaced by a test that is not a part of our minimum requirements, therefore we are not able to accept any test other than AccuPlacer or Compass, we are in the process of adding other college placement test(s) to our minimum requirements, once this becomes effective it will be added to our application packet.

Click on the image below to open the Application Packet.
(Print double-sided)

in an effort to make the application process as smooth as possible we have created a downloadable application PACKET

 It is the responsibility of the applicant to study the application packet from front to back before arriving to apply and/or calling with any questions.​

The application packet is intended to walk you through the application process step by step, download the application packet and follow the instructions on the first page of the packet, it is important to follow the Application Check List to gather the required documentation (high school transcripts, GED test scores, placement test, etc.) and bring your completed application packet with you when you apply at one of the times and locations listed in the packet.

​If you have any questions AFTER you have READ the packet from front to back you can call (503)257-1022 or (800) 475-3205

Apprenticeship Application Process